Who We Are


Our Story

PFI, also known as Plants Forever Incorporated, is a story of two distinct women with strong entrepreneurial spirits born out of the soil of the south.  The story of a mother and daughter and how their gifts when brought together have created an unparalleled reputation.  Bobbie Pike, founder and CEO of Plants Forever, began in 1982, with three people she states, “Me, myself and I.” From personally choosing the plants, and all design details, to insuring top level service experiences, she established her company with a heart felt commitment to one item “service, service, and service.” Her success was seen by landing such Atlanta landmark clients as the jeweled Phipps Plaza, Lenox Shopping Center and Atlanta Gas Light Company.

While Bobbie laid the foundation for the company her daughter, Kim Oberheu, invested her energies in NYC and LA working with such productions and companies as The Academy Awards and Walt Disney Studios. Upon seeing Kim’s success and ability, Bobbie asked Kim to join her at the helm of Plants Forever 2001.

Now, Kim leads the company through branding, design and service garnering clients with global presence such as Coca Cola, Mercedes, Mandarin Oriental and Invesco.

Kimberly states “PFI’s job has become multi-faceted, assuring that a company’s internal brand is flawlessly executed throughout their corporate spaces. Knowing the brand and how to bring it to life is central to the overall reveal. We are designers and care takers who love branding, horticulture and holidays. With the creative concert of all three, we can produce something unique for any corporation in the world.

Our Approach

First, PFI’s approach starts and finishes with the client in mind. We keep the process simple and thorough.  We begin with a creative consultation to evaluate, learn and listen to what each client desires in the execution of their brand. Then we discuss how horticulture and holiday designs will support, embody and bring this to life. We then design a collection around the core concepts they have expressed as important. As designers who use live material we understand first hand that sustainability is a core value for our clients and for us as a company. In our minds, good design is a sustainable one. And brands like plants are living breathing organisms.

Second, we approach our work from the perspective that all the elements we bring together need to visually show the brand and be experienced, thus we offer a collection for each client that is strongly cohesive. Ranging from the very modern to the very classical or merges of both.  Our projects have ranged from 42 ft. exterior trees with full lighting systems to small boutique designs that have one simple orchid design.

 “Your brand is what they say about you when you’ve left the room.”

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com

Third, we come together as a team with the client to create an unparalleled service experience. Through building strong relationships, being responsive to the known and unknown needs of our clients, empowering our staff to create unique experiences for our clients, and owning and resolving problems for our clients. We offer hands-on service with a personal touch. Working with Chief Marketing officers, Directors of Marketing, Sustainability Leads, Property Managers, Operational Directors and Facility Mangers or the private residential owner we bring our highly collaborative process to each to insure the highest level of success.


Headquarters & Private
  • Full scale interior horticulture design
  • Boutique exterior horticulture design
  • Full scale interior holiday design
  • Full scale exterior holiday design
Headquarters & Private
  • Full scale interior horticulture care
  • Boutique exterior horticulture care
  • Full scale holiday interior care
  • Full scale holiday exterior care

PFI. Brand it. Grow it.

Headquartered in Greater Atlanta. Serving Worldwide.
1979 Parker Court
Stone Mountain, GA 30087