Your Private Collection

Mansion with poolPFI stands for a way of doing things. This is highly reflected in our hand-crafted and luxurious Private Residential Collection.  We are dedicated to developing an interior green space as well as offering exquisite holiday design. We will search high and low for just that right piece that will clearly show who you are and what you love.

There are many things that make our Private Collection unique. First and foremost we want to understand you. We explore what makes your personal brand special and well defined, then add a high level of craftsmanship, sophistication and uniqueness to your botanical designs. We access plant material from around the world. We offer tailored designs and services for your personal interiors including breathe walls, interior botanical design, container gardening, full-scale holiday design, and fresh blooming botanicals. These characteristics are what make PFI a truly niche service.

Architectural bamboo pieceThirty years of business, 45 years of horticulture heritage and a flair for the most unique elements in combination with a skilled staff will bring a successful service experience to your door. More than any other trait, creativity and service define the heart of our brand.

Private home designs take time. Using the finest material, we demonstrate passion through our work so the client will experience our hands-on care directly. PFI’s work is unmistakable. In a glance one knows that we are able to express all of who you are through the design of your plants and holiday decor, bringing your personal brand to life.


Examples of our Private Collection


Headquarters & Private
  • Full scale interior horticulture design
  • Boutique exterior horticulture design
  • Full scale interior holiday design
  • Full scale exterior holiday design
Headquarters & Private
  • Full scale interior horticulture care
  • Boutique exterior horticulture care
  • Full scale holiday interior care
  • Full scale holiday exterior care

PFI. Brand it. Grow it.

Headquartered in Greater Atlanta. Serving Worldwide.
1979 Parker Court
Stone Mountain, GA 30087