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Stoltzfus Star ConstructionNew York artist and PFI fan Freiman Stoltzfus is a painter and sculptor. His works can be seen in private and corporate collections in the United States and abroad as well as the Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has illustrated and published four books, and has designed posters for the Sylvan Opera Company of Philadelphia and for the Oratorio Society of New York.



At his recent exhibit we had a chance to interview Freiman Stoltzfus:

When did you first start painting?
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing or painting. Picasso is famous for this quote: All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. My mother was and is a huge encouragement. I often say that I wouldn’t be an artist had it not been for her insistence and unwavering support.

What was it about painting that you connected to?
For me, painting, and making art, is like eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, praying. It took me years to come to a more thoughtful, philosophical frame of mind about what it means to live and work as an artist.

What is it about nature that inspires you and how does it affect your work?
Nature is fundamentally inspiring to me. The seasons, cycles of life and loss, and ultimately rebirth most poignantly present in Spring. And the changing sky — from morning to night. The new moon often appears in my work. I prefer it, finding it more poetic and suggestive when compared to the full moon.

What types of works are you mostly known for?
My inspirations are many, but the primary recurring themes are sacred (Gothic) architecture and geometric forms, which often merge with quilt patterns. My sculptural work is figurative, and all my work has allegorical significance in the sense that the image is a springboard into a larger idea. For example, a woman is never just a woman — she represents a madonna, or one of the three graces. A tree represents eternal hope, and the return of life.

How do you personally connect to nature?
I am convinced that glades of trees are sacred spaces. In Berks County, PA, where I spend a lot of time, I see cathedrals everywhere – the branches form arches that are as lovely and dramatic as any Gothic church. I love the seasons and in the northeast the four seasons are so vivid and unmistakable. I find that one’s emotional life is enriched when you realize that you are, on a deeper level, alternately experiencing spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Any special works that you create just for the holiday season, or work that has been inspired by this time of year?
At Christmas I make ornaments. I’ve been doing hand-painted glass balls for 15 years. And I’ve been designing Christmas cards for at least that time or longer. This year, I’m excited to release a collection of very special ornaments, manufactured in Pennsylvania and in Virginia. I’m proud to keep all the production in the USA.

What kinds of projects are you considering partnering with PFI on?
PFI and I are in conversation about a dynamic exchange of art in corporate settings. Art has a way of engaging the senses, and the work of PFI is sensually based as well – plants, flowers, and atmosphere.

What do you think makes PFI so special?
PFI is vital, very simply because they make the world a more beautiful place. In the rush and chaos of everyday life, beauty is often forgotten, and PFI reminds all of us to slow down, breathe, rejuvenate, and enjoy our surroundings and each moment.

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