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Jan_Smith For twenty plus years, Jan Smith has been a prominent figure in the music industry. Most notably, this vocal coach/producer has tended to some of the most distinctive voices in the business; Justin Beiber, Usher, and Rob Thomas, to name  a few.






“Nature IS music…sounds of nature are quite literally the rhythm of the real soundtrack of our lives.” ~Jan Smith

When did you first start in the music industry?
I guess you’d say I started “officially” in the music industry when I recorded my first record at the age of 15. But truth is, I was harmonizing with the drone of my Mom’s vacuum cleaner when I was 2 years old, so it all started WAY back there for me.

What was it about music that you connected to?
I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t hear in color. As a child, I always harmonized with everything and emulated anything. Sound was my window to the world and I experienced life through my ears. Why? I have no clue. And then I learned how to write!!

What types of music are you most associated with?
Well, I grew up in the south being influenced by gospel churches and playing folk/rock, so southern-based rock and singer/songwriter stuff would be me. But I love jazz and blues and am a classically trained flutist of 15 years. There’s not a whole lot I don’t listen to, but in my heart of hearts, you could find me standing next to a piano just singing my butt off.

How can nature affect the tone of the music being created?
Nature IS music!! God is the greatest artist and creator of all!! It’s so crazy to me that people don’t “get” that or hear it or see it! God is EVERYWHERE and the sounds of nature are quite literally the rhythm of the real soundtrack of our lives.

How do you personally connect with nature?
First, I live on ten acres of land attached to another 30 acres that is, as yet undeveloped. It’s like living on 40 acres of pure nature! I have deer, wild turkeys, tons of birds, a couple of foxes, an hoot owl, bunnies, several varieties of snakes, and an assortment of other creatures that visit my property. I connect pretty much on a daily basis just based on all that alone.

Have you produced music specific to the holiday season or inspired by the holidays?
You know, I haven’t yet recorded a holiday album but I have written a couple of cool Christmas tunes.

What kinds of project are you considering partnering with PFI on?
Are you kidding? PFI is the only call I make for helping me bring some of that nature INTO my home and studio office. I’m not very good at understanding what all greenery can live indoors and PFI has been great at helping to customize plants that can live with me!


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Headquarters & Private
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  • Boutique exterior horticulture care
  • Full scale holiday interior care
  • Full scale holiday exterior care

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